A few words about us

At Educomshala, we believe in providing corporate training instead of 2 hr session usually provided in institutes, we believe in providing world-class training which they only got while working on a live project as they do incorporates.

My obsession with start-ups & entrepreneurship has made me an inveterate learner and motivator. As an entrepreneur, I believe that being stagnant seizes your overall growth. To become a better version of yourself, you need to learn something new every day even if it's only a half inch. And this is my mantra for every one of you to follow: LEARN, IMPROVE & EXECUTE...


The Team

The Guys behind all this

Piyush Mathur

Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant/ CEO / Founder

Anshu Anand

Inbound Marketer/ Director / Co-Founder

Kapil Mathur




Here on Educomshala we will give you all the details that you want on the course that you desire to choose whether it is long-term course or short-term course, or either it is hardware course or software course or neither at all, every detail of your course will be provided here so that you only have to focus on your studies nothing else.

Here not only you will be able to get the details about the course you desire but as well as the career you may be able to pursue after the completion of said course.


Marketing strategy is key for your startup or business in order to be able to reach your target audience. Finding the right users or customers for your startup should not be made randomly. The five key benefits are:

1 It helps you gain and retain customers.
2 Time Saving.
3 It increase your sales.
4 Enhances your company reputation.
5 It spreads your name.

Educomshala is best institute in Delhi which provides professional courses, not Academic courses. They are providing both online and offline classes. For offline classes, they are providing weekends as well as weekdays classes.

Rapidiously orchestrate one-to-one imperatives with covalent core competencies. Compellingly procrastinate excellent e-commerce whereas principle-centered expertise. Progressively brand compelling architectures before optimal ideas. Dynamically evisculate high-payoff leadership and leading-edge customer service. Dynamically parallel task enabled materials whereas value-added markets.

Nowadays Digital Marketing is a booming career because of many reasons:

1 It is flexible
2 It is easy to use
3 Eco- friendly
4 Fastest Reach
5 Influential
6 High engagement
7 Small investments and big Returns
8 Abundance of Job Opportunities
9 Rapid Boom of Smartphones and Digital Media
10 Freelancing Opportunities